Searching and Navigation in VisualStudio 2010

In this post we will learn how can we search and navigate to the code-base within the source code of the project.

By pressing (Ctrl+Comma) from your keyboard you can see a window where you can find your desired word.

For complete demonstration see the following video.

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  • nisha

    hello sir ,
    i have a doubt in .net c#
    in datagridview v can only able to view data as a result in it or v can also enter data in grid which should b stored in sql and also the result should be produced in excel sheet..
    can u plz reply

    • Syed Asad Ahmed

      Yes Nisha: You can insert data from your gridview into your database.Once data is inserted in to the database you can show that data into your excel sheet.

      Cheers !!!

    • Atheeq_m

      If you want the datas in excell just Select grind datas –> Copy  and Past in Excel sheet


  • Atheeq_m

    hi nisha,
    Same time you want to update data in excel sheet also.   Its simple you call the excel sheet and update particular row and column value in excel sheet also….