Reasons to embrace Windows 8 now


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recently, we heard about the launch of Windows 7. But now it’s the turn of Windows 8 to take over the previous one. If you have just upgraded your computer with the Windows 7 version, then you might not be considering it soon again, but there are some things which deserve your attention if you ever want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

· It is reasonably priced

Whenever we think about upgrading our Windows to the latest version available, we first think about the money to be spent on it because it is a somewhat costly affair. But if you plan to upgrade it to Windows 8, you won’t be thinking much about the money as it is going to cost you just $39.99, provided that you are running Windows 7 on your computer. The most exciting feature about Windows 8 is that even after it has been installed in your computer, still all your files will remain intact, so you don’t need to create a back-up first and then reboot it. But it is worth mentioning here that the $39.99 price is applicable only to those who download it early. For January onwards, the version shall be charged $70 whether you buy it from a store or download it online.

· Contains a free media-center pack

Windows machines are used most commonly in the setup of home theater PCs. A media center is a very important for those who want things like codecs for DVD and Blu-ray. In the pro-version of the Windows 8, you will need to spend very little money for the media center. In case you think that you don’t need a pro version, then you can get hold of the media center pack for free till the end of January. The free facility is available to users who wish to upgrade using physical as well as digital disk.

· SkyDrive Integration

With our world completely surrounded by gadgets these days, it is quite natural for us to want access to all the files on all of these gadgets at the same time. With Microsoft SkyDrive, you can view files on your Windows phone and Windows 8 across any platform. In SkyDrive you can store all your documents and then access it through any device which can connect itself to Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

· Centralized User Experience

Free things and services are something which always grab out attention. In case you are a Windows 8, Windows 8 phone or Xbox 360 user, then you shall be gaining access to the new tiled user interface that Microsoft has implemented. This feature shall certainly make your experience as seamless as possible.

· Surface

Surface is hardware, costing around $399, which shall be a complete steal for someone who wants to have the best experience in both the tablet and PC worlds. It is made up of superb quality and is the best way to enjoy the latest operating system the way Microsoft intended it to be.

· Performance

As far as the performance is concerned, every function is accomplished quite speedily on Windows 8. When old machines are installed with Windows 8, they seem to look like new ones with graphics so beautiful and enchanting. The start-up time on new machines is great and this is the reason why many people might think of upgrading to the latest version.

With all these fantastic features, it is quite natural for anyone to get convinced to purchase the latest version of Windows 8.

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