Membership services ASP.Net

Membership services is a solution to provide security through out your web application.It will secure your entire web application in very simple way.

In this series of tutorial we will be focusing on the Membership services in and its implementation on a web application, well the best thing about Membership service is that you don’t have to write so many code in order to secure your application and assigning roles to the users.

So simply open an empty web application. In the solution explorer window you can see ASP.NET configuration icon so click this icon.

ASP.NET Configuration Icon

By clicking this icon a web browser will open that is called Asp.Net Web Site Administration Tool here you can see application name and current username now any setting that we will apply on this tutorial will be attached to this application. Here you can see the security settings,application setting and the provider .

Thats it for the written material just watch following video which will show you complete implementation of membership services.

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