iWatch: The Word on the Street

apple-iwatch-concept“Beam me up Scotty”, and lets go to the next dimension!   A Star Trek reference is the only suitable innuendo because we are talking about the unknown.  In good old Apple fashion, the information regarding the new rumored Apple iWatch has been kept top secret.  The only notion of its existence originated from a reported patent filed by Apple for a wearable device that boasts a full length flexible touch screen display that conforms to the user’s body.  On one hand, it could be the greatest technological advancement since the wheel.  On the other hand, it could be a slap bracelet with Siri giving your daily horoscope.  I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson will be available for that commercial.

In all actuality, the focus and pressure is on Apple.  Apple enthusiasts are ready for the new “next best thing.”    Since the inception of the iPhone, every product since then has been a dressed up or dressed down iteration.  The fascination associated with the coveted Apple iWatch or the “next thing” has become similar to the ground hog, Punxsutawney Phil.  The world simply waits, knowing that it is in there.  Similar to Phil, Apple is reluctant to show us its face.  Maybe Apple is scared of the huge shadow it has cast.

This is not the first time Apple has teased us by venturing into the forum of wearable devices.   In late 2006, Apple also patented a Glass Project, which was identified as iGlasses.  Like the iWatch, very little information was released about the iGlasses.  And resembling the iWatch, it created a huge buzz.  Even though we are not getting the information we desire, we can see that Apple is spending significant dollars on the research and development of wearable devices.  Perhaps we will be seeing a version of iUnderware, or maybe even iToupees.  At least there is a demand for those.

The new Apple iWatch may pan out to be nothing more than a field of dreams or a research and development project for a future Apple product.  On the contrary, it could take true Apple form and be the most innovative and revolutionizing product of this decade.  Either way, Apple heads along with the rest of the world, are patiently waiting for the introduction of Apple’s “next best thing.”  However, until something concrete comes out, iWatch for something that I can put my hands or even eyes on.

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