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Is PHP Pushing ASP.NET towards Extinction?

php_vs_dotNetFew months back, a New York based web development firm came across a client, who was trying to understand the potential of PHP and dependability of ASP.NET and other enterprise web technologies. The client was indeed interesting in finding out the suitable web technology with future withstanding for his project by putting the firm in deep research of such technology. However, the reputation of client tended the firm to commence a hard-core study for analyzing the ongoing and future market share of these technologies. This study has analyzed both technologies on three prospects: scalability, performance, cost, and support & complexity. You may have read numerous articles, infographics, and debate posts on this topic that promotes one technology over the other. However, such posts promote one language instead of informing the reader. Thus, you may be searching a good post to read something true and analytical. If it is so then you have landed on a right post.misting tunnel

In this post, you will get to know about the scalability & maintenance, performance & speed, and cost factors regarding these programming languages. Moreover, you will also get to know about the availability of support & resource of these languages.

Fine More Scalable & Easily Manageable

When you reach on a point to adopt a particular programming language to build your site then the issue of scalability and simple maintenance occurs primarily. Every businessperson prefers to go with an easily manageable and scalable programming language to avoid bearing extra expenses. Technically, PHP & ASP.NET do not relate with these aspects. However, the developer’s experience, programming practices, application of programming framework and guidelines & standards can affect these aspects. In short, PHP is an open source language and asp.net is a commercial language. Therefore, you do not need to pay anything for using PHP in your website and your funds can be consumed in hiring of best in class PHP developers. This point may prove PHP more easily manageable than ASP.NET.inflatable cover tent

The Performance

Here, we reach on a point to find the best technology that performs as per the requirement of user. You may have read numerous posts on this issue. However, you may be feeling vacant because the performance and speed of a web application depends on various aspects apart from superficial matters. Therefore, you cannot measure the probable speed of your website on the basis of speed of your programming language. Technically, some programming languages fit well in some tasks and some in other. For example, Google and Yahoo prefer to use multiple open source programming languages for rendering particular tasks. In simple words, if you are going to develop a big scale website then you will have the need of language like PHP for handling other operations of your website, where PHP is not helpful for you.

The Cost Factor

On coming at cost factor, you will love to go with PHP because you get almost everything as free with PHP. For example, you can use PHP, MySQL, POSTfreSQL, Apache server, and Linux server as freebie. Moreover, you can also have a standby server as a backup without paying anything in return. Apart from this, you can also have multiple web servers for load balancing and server clustering. On the other hand, you will have to pay for everything you need with ASP.Net. In this way, you are required to choose a programming language as per the probable output revenues from your web store.

The Support Factor

While flying virtually with PHP, you can easily take help from web. You will get millions of millions tutorials regarding a particular problem. In case of ASP.Net, you will have to approach a certified coder to fix the issue of your website. It will also be an interesting fact for you that you can personally fix the issue of your PHP site just by following the tutorials whereas asp.net will not allow you to do so.

As you read earlier in the post that both technologies are credible and applicable. You cannot reject a programming language on technical grounds but financial issues and availability of developers are pushing asp.net out of the market.

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  • http://twitter.com/bcowl03 Greg Hale

    As an ASP.NET developer who is mainly self taught, I take exception with the statement that “It will also be an interesting fact for you that you can personally fix the issue of your PHP site just by following the tutorials whereas asp.net will not allow you to do so.” I have found many tutorials and articles on the web. You make it seem that there is absolutely 0 .NET resources on the web.

    I also am not sure what you mean by a “certified coder”. One certainly does not have to have any type of certification to be a successful .NET programmer (case in point: me).

    I have been fortunate enough to develop in PHP and .NET. While my obvious choice is not important, the fact that you’ve obviously written a biased article and presented many “opinions” as facts without doing proper due diligence in research is a slap in the face to the entire software development community.

  • http://mcgiddin.blogspot.com mcgiddin

    “The client was indeed interesting in finding out the suitable web technology…”. Really? The word should be “interested”. *smh*

  • srmklive

    First mistake, ASP.NET is a framework not a language. You either use C# or VB.NET to develop the application’s underlying code. You can develop ASP.NET applications free of cost using Visual Studio Express editions.

    Second, the cost factor is a debatable one. If you are comparing the two from the ground up, then Windows is expensive. But if you are talking in terms of migration cost from one technology to another. Then Linux becomes more expensive.

    Third, you can host a PHP application on Windows. IIS has gotten way better in terms of managing PHP applications. I have hosted one for a client of mine, and the process was pretty straightforward and without any hassle.
    Fourth, applying patches for languages is easier for ASP.NET is a breeze over PHP, since ASP.NET utilizes the .NET framework runtime library.
    Fifth, when coding, ASP.NET is more secure than PHP.
    I have counted these for you. I am a PHP developer and I love both Windows or Linux.