How to : Apply spell checking on your browser using Html5

This is in continuation of the series of articles related to html5.

In this tutorial I will show you how can you apply spell checking on content of your webpage.

In html5 there is an attribute called “spellcheck” that have two values true and false if you set the value to true and spelling of your element is incorect then it will underline you text inorder to show that the spelling is incorrect.

Inorder to see it’s effects you’ll have to use contenteditable attribute that we have allready seen in my previous article.Example demonstration is as under:

<p  contenteditable="true" spellcheck="true" >This blog is for Progammers(Programmers)</p>


That’s it: Your comments will be highly appreciated.

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  • Msvayani

    Its good to see things getting easier in html 5. Really looking forward to start using it now.

    • SyedAsadAhmed

      Yes Msvayani!!! Html5 is making life of developers/programmers so easy:-).Keep on visiting for more html5 stuff

  • Tomer Guez

    Cool.  I didn’t know html5 offers spell check.  That rocks.

    On that subject, I just wanted to note that there is a good spell check program called Spell Check Anywhere.  It adds spell checking to all Windows programs.  So if you are one of those who badly need spell check, here you go.