How can you stop RSS feed republishing of your blog


You will always wish to stop any sort of RSS feed while republishing your blog so that you can prevent theft of your content and can remain safe from the penalties of duplicate contents. Sometimes because of RSS feed, scrapped content gets the higher position than your blog. You will also want to get rid of it. As a blogger, you have to consider the fact that you will experience RSS feed in little amount and it is not practically possible to check every blog. However, there some of the simplest ways which you can follow to stop RSS feed in your blog.

Feed Copyright installation:

You can create WordPress plugin for feed copyright to deal with the websites which republish RSS. It will add copyright notice and at the same time you will get the links back in the permalink and URL of the post. People have already downloaded this plugin more than 15000 times from the repository of WordPress Plugin. Republished content will surely get the back links and at the same time readers will know that the original content has been taken from your website.

Finding Scraped Content:

You can obviously search for the latest post titles on Google and all the search results containing the same title will be provided. You can easily ignore many a site which has taken the headline of your blog. However, you must be aware of those websites which has republished your blog content. If you want to have a content theft checker, you can use Copyscape Premium. It is one of the most useful online tools for finding the plagiarism and it can detect the copies which have been taken from the content of your Blog.


Stopping of image hot linking:

When you will find out the scrapped content, generally you will not be able to stop those from republishing. Therefore, it is better to identify those websites and then you can stop image hot linking. You can have your choice to display a copyright image for replacing this. You can then set the hot linked images with a bright color so that it can indicate the image which belongs to your website and it will also show the short URL of your website in that image. Then, the readers can feel the interest to go through the original blog content of your website.

Showing the Copyright policy:

Well, this is a way to get rid of RSS feed because by this process you can actually comment or email the forms of your copyright policy and in that case many a scrapers may decide not to republishing your blog content because of lawsuit threats. However, in most of the cases it is not a practically possible method because the RSS feeders do not give any sort of contact page where you can send your form.

Google Spam Reports:

There is a provision of having Google forms through which you can inform them the complaint against those websites which are republishing your blog content and thus you can stop the RSS feed. You can also file a request of DMCA. You can then track your request by the webmasters tool. However, this is a much longer process.

Through these processes you can surely stop the RSS feed in your blog content to a great extent and thus can ensure a higher ranking of your website contents in the search engines like Google.

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