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Google Map Apps for IOS operating system


Apple switched to its own maps from Google maps a few months back but recently Google maps is again back to the app store as a free download. In many respects Google maps fair much better than the apple’s own maps application. The Google maps include public transportation information and various other information which the apple’s application lacks. However, to have Google maps in your apple product you will have to probably pay a price.

Apple cleverly clipped the Google apps wings by blocking various things like access to the contact information contained in apple cells. Like for example, if you find any useful business on Google maps you will not be able to save it as a contact in your iPhone. You will have to type the entire contact number explicitly in your address book. Also another drawback is that you will have to enter the entire address again if you wish to use the GPS navigation.

Features on google maps

1. Slimmed down- Google maps have been designed to work efficiently with the frugal controls of latest iPhones. It has very few menu options and navigation option not available for cyclists. Also there pictures of interiors of the building is not available. Although there are only few people who will notice these missing features, it has easy traffic options. You can choose to view from satellite and conventional map views.

2. With Google maps you can easily find a local business and navigation is comparatively easy as compared to apple iPhone maps application. Also in the case of restaurants you can view their reviews as well. On apple map, you view reviews only from Yelp. But there is an advantage of adding the contact directly to your address book with apple map application.

3. The direction provided by Google maps are good as well as the directions provided by the apple map application. Google maps on IOS operating system provides with good direction and accurate results with no drawback. Also you can receive calls while navigating. Though, depending on your apple product model the application may need to be restarted if you receive a call.

4. Traffic NEWS can also be availed from Google maps. They provide excellent information and show traffics with a bold green line. The apples maps do not highlight on the other hand do not highlight the areas where traffic is flowing smoothly. Also Google shows you the estimated time to reach to your destination. Also Google maps allow you to toggle the traffic overlay from off to on during your navigation so as you won’t miss the turns.



Google maps can be used as an efficient additional search application on your iPhone but it would be easier if Apple would have allowed the data retrieved from the application to be used directly in your address book. This privilege has been granted to many other applications but not to google maps. Google maps fairly well in IOS operating systems without any glitches and problems. It can be used efficiently as a side application apart from the apple’s own map application.

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