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Let’s Talk About New and exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S4

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The Samsung Galaxy S IV was one of the most awaited phones in recent times. Though quite similar in looks with its earlier version of the Galaxy S-III, yet the phone is absolutely loaded with features that will amaze and mesmerize. Many of these features are old or used ones, but many are brand new and exciting to say the least. There are at least 150 features loaded in the phone, with most of them being absolutely new and most of them extremely stunning and useful. Let us have a look at some of those new and exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S-IV.

1. S-Translate: This app is present as a standalone one. This app allows the phone to translate text and voice messages when initiated and needed. It can also be integrates with messaging app as well as e-mails.cheap inflatable toys

2. Smart Scroll/Pause: The phone can sense when you are looking at the phone and when you are not. This is the control that is used for pausing and restarting video on the phones video player. This feature is also used to automatically scroll websites and emails up and down on the go, providing you a seamless reading experience.

3. Air Gestures/View Control: using hand gestures and pointing it becomes easy to answer or reject phone calls, flip web pages without touching the phone. Just hovering hands or fingers over the phone to control its apps or other functions can be fun and also protect the screen from a lot of grime and dirt.

4. Dual Camera shots: Samsung Galaxy S-IV is equipped with a 13 MP camera at the rear and a 2MP camera in the front. What makes the dual camera more exciting is that you can use booth the camera for shooting videos or still pictures. It can be really interesting and easy to insert yourself in a group photo as well as showing off the location during a video call.

5. Drama Shots: combining all stages of action in burst mode to shoot one picture can add lots of fun. This app allows you to just do that.

6. Shot and Sound feature: Capture upto 9 seconds of audio with the picture, to make the photo interesting and informative. This feature is awesome for photographers who like to record information about the shots. Can also add some spice to your tour album as well.

7. Multi-view Mode: This feature allows viewing multiple apps at the same time on the screen. It is a newly tweaked app which is more effective and useful than its earlier versions.

8. Group Play: Instantly transfer and view or play music files, photos, documents using this app. This app also supports multi-player games and you can indulge in gaming with your friends on the go.

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9. S-Health: This integrated app can track you daily intake and weight, monitor your blood sugar levels and blood pressure also. The app is also designed to track your workouts and other health records.

10. S-Voice Drive: This new interface added S-Voice assistant offers some exciting and new functionality to the old ones. This is a handy app to use the phone while driving.


Though the polycarbonate exterior may not give the phone a fancy and elegant look, yet the material is actually durable and protects the phone from bruises and scratches. Also this makes the phone easy to clean. The design also is stylish and the dimensions of the phone make it comfortable to grip. The removable back cover also makes it eligible for some excellent accessories.

The phone is loaded with some more eye-popping features and a lot of sensors, including a humidity and temperature sensor to inform about the surroundings. The screen is added with a few more pixels, and the battery is added with more battery life.

Surely an interesting phone loaded with interesting new app for use. True value for money.

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