Google Nose A Reality or April Fool


It is as if a tradition for people to visit Google on April Fool’s day to look out for nasty ideas that can be tried on others on 1st April. Like others, you too might have used Google to play a prank with others, all the while. Ever thought if Google itself will pay the prank on you. Read on to know what happened on April 1st, 2013.

How can you stop RSS feed republishing of your blog


You will always wish to stop any sort of RSS feed while republishing your blog so that you can prevent theft of your content and can remain safe from the penalties of duplicate contents. Sometimes because of RSS feed, scrapped content gets the higher position than your blog.

Maintaining Your Laptop Battery

Maintaining your laptop batteryBattery is considered as one the most important items in a laptop. It becomes the most important electrical supply for all laptop.

Syed Asad Ahmed